Food is Good.  Life is Good.

Our Story

The Start 

“Food is Good” is the extended Stifel family motto.  

​Bob’s Best Quality came into being after a near death experience.  A fluke blood infection landed Bob in the ICU and resulted in the loss of his left leg. After much urging (read nagging from his wife and friends) Bob’s Best Quality was launched to celebrate life renewed.

Bob’s favorite thing is life to gather people together, old friends or soon to be and cook for them. He has developed Bob’s Best Quality’s fool proof mixtures and simple recipes that will enable you to share the joy of cooking and entertaining with you and your loved ones.

Today finds Bob entering Regional Bar-be-Que battles, doing product demonstrations, juggling a consulting job, and continuing to use his family & friends as willing taste testers for new blends and recipes!

Featured BLends

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Connecticut born Bob Stifel took this motto seriously and graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park as a chef. After being an Executive Chef and working in the restaurant business for a few years Bob realized that entertaining people with his food was his real passion. Stepping away from the long shifts locked back in the kitchen, he ventured south to Virginia with friends to go back to college at George Mason University.

While at George Mason Bob managed bars, did University & corporate catering and gained his Bachelor’s Degree.  While working full time in government contracting Bob continued to cook for his friends and do the occasional catering job for old clients.

To celebrate the end of summer Bob and his friends decided to host an over the top BBQ picnic. This cookout grew to an event with a top attendance of 500 and has continued now for over twenty years. Bob’s DC friends were more than a little surprised that The Yankee could make such good Southern Style Pork BBQ and requested recipes and suggested that he bottle his passion. 

  • Classic No. 9
  • LemonAtcha
  • Explorer  
  • Embers
  • Bayou Blend
  • Black and Tan