Black & Tan

An amazing blend of real lemon juice and 15 herbs and spices makes this blend a favorite for seafood, lamb and even pasta and veggies. 

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A warm smoky blend of cayenne, chipotle, black pepper, spices and naturally smoked sea salt that makes the best steak and burger rub.

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An exotic spice blend with notes of cinnamon and ginger, it stands well with game but is just as delicious on pork or chicken.  

Bayou Blend

A classic blend of sugar and spice that creates a delicious blend of flavors perfect for a rub on ribs, pork shoulder or brisket for smoking or simply sprinkled on pork chops, steaks or chicken. 




This one has some heat with several peppers and real lime juice and cilantro.

Classic No. 9

An Old World New Orleans seasoning rich in funky flavor but not overloaded with heat, perfect for prime rib, chicken and even lamb and seafood. 


A wonderful blend of natural hickory smoked sea salt and cracked Black pepper that adds depth to any dish.